UDC Team


Shreoshi discovered her love for dance at an early age and began her dance training, studying with and assisting Tara Jean and Vincent Desjardins of the show So You Think You Can Dance, Nikita and Natasha of the Harbour Dance Studio in Canada, Bryan East and Harman Benjamin. After 8 years of extensive practice and training she started instructing Hip-Hop, House and Bollywood. After taking part in numerous competitions and being involved in corporate workshops with some of the biggest multi-nationals out there such as HCL, Absolute Data, Accenture, SAP Labs and Soft Age, she has been recognized as a leading talent in the industry. Shreoshi is the epitome of a beautiful artist and proficient technician. She adheres to the discipline of teaching excellent form, having a solid foundation but also quality of movement.


Gaurav has been active in the dance industry as an instructor, professional dancer and choreographer for over eight years. With a forte in Hip-Hop and Bollywood and strong integrity for precision and style, Gaurav has been a sought after performer and instructor throughout the dance industry. Gaurav has performed at many events such as the closing ceremony of Commonwealth Games, PTC Film and Music Awards and Tuk3 TV Commercial. He has also been a guest judge at various events and competitions along with being involved in Corporate workshops with multi-national companies like KPMG and the German Embassy. Gaurav is always striving to improve his own abilities as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and mover. He inspires his students to push themselves to realize their full potential and remind them that they are capable of much more than they ever imagined.


Govind Bisht, one of the founding members of the Urban Dance Center, is trained in many styles including Hip-Hop, House and Bollywood. He is one of the senior instructors at UDC and has performed in many televised events such as Kingfisher Calendar Model Hunt, Commonwealth Games, PTC Music and Film Awards. He has been the official choreographer for Jesus and Mary College since 2014 and has most recently choreographed a music video for the band Ameya which has been nominated for the GIMA awards 2016. Govind is an enthusiastic and inspiring instructor who always encourages both proper technique and having fun.


Aaneeshaa, a member of Mudra – the western dance society of Jesus and Mary College, is one of the most sought after instructors at Urban Dance Center. She has trained in all styles of dance, with a concentration in Contemporary Jazz, Lady-Styling Hip-Hop and Bollywood. She has worked with music artists Salim and Suleman and has trained and performed for many corporations like Mini Cooper, Harley Davidson, Reebok and Adidas. Although Aaneeshaa enjoys performing, her true happiness is found in choreographing, teaching and connecting with her students. She loves to highlight the unique skill sets of each dancer she works with, while giving them new, unfamiliar movements to push them out of their comfort zone and reach new levels. She encourages her students to believe in themselves and that anything can be achieved with passion, dedication and hard work.


Nimisha is a recent addition to the UDC family and has a passion for Bollywood dancing. Her other strengths include Urban dance and Classical form of Kathakali. In the last one year, she has performed for many company events including PTC Voice of Punjab Chhota Champ, Harley Davidson, Reebok, PTC Film Awards and Hero. Nimisha hopes to inspire each of her students creatively as well as technically, always pushing to instill the love of dance that she has experienced all of her life and help them to exceed any goal they put forth.


Prashant, a member of the Urban Singh Crew, enjoys performing in all dance styles but has a professional emphasis on Hip-Hop and Bollywood. He started performing at a very early age and has been a trainer at Urban Dance Center since 2013. He has done many performances at shows and events including Laughter da Master Grand Finale, Voice of Punjab Lil Master Grand Finale, Harley Davidson annual event, Promenade Magazine Launch and Encore annual event. Having both a love for performance and dance, Prashant is very excited to be a part of the Urban Dance Center where he can inspire and encourage young dancers to reach their goals leave them smiling through tough times in life.


Jyoti Raghav is a very approachable instructor and a versatile posession of our company. She pulls of styles from Contemporary to Urban Hip Hop with equal grace . Not just our company , Jyoti has not been less than a priceless weapon for her college team and has participated in myriad prestigious competitions nationally. She has contributed significantly as a team for our shows for Harley Davidson , Rebook & Adidas, PTC network etc .


Ajay Kumar is an extremely talented photographer , who knows the best way to make our work reach you. In a span of two years , Ajay has not just covered our biggest events , concerts and shows nationally and internationally but also specializes in wedding and fashion photography !! This man is responsible of all the videos we create to entertain you !