How much time does it typically take to learn any particular dance style?
This is probably the most common question that we hear. Dancing is an art and thus, the learning curve is very subjective from individual to individual. While some people are natural learners, others take some time in finding their own style. However, in our experience, mostly, it takes around 6 to 10 months to be good at any dance form.
With that said, it is your own will and perseverance that will help you in mastering any dance form but we are here to facilitate that process.

Do you have any sort of corporate training package and can you come and teach us in our company?
Yes, as a part of Urban Dance Center, we would love to come and teach you at your workplace with your colleagues. There are different packages and plans that we offer. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and availability so that we can offer you the best package according to your requirements. You can call us at +91-9871244334 or mail us at jasveen.gulati@udcdance.com.

Do we need any specific attire or footwear for taking classes for any specific dance form?
There is no general answer for this - it is both a Yes and a No.
Yes, because each dance form does have an attire and footwear that suits it the most. No, because mostly, initially we prefer practicing barefoot or in socks before moving to specific footwear and attire. Either way, you need to not worry about this before joining classes, we will advise you on best practices in the first class itself.

I have got several years of experience in dance and I would really love to teach. How do I apply?
It is great that you want to be a part of the Urban Dance Group. We get many requests from students and professional dancers who wish to become instructors in our academy. If you are interested then please refer to the Careers section of this website or send your resume to jasveen.gulati@udcdance.com.

Do I need to bring anything special for the class?
We encourage dancers to wear comfortable clothes in the class that don’t restrict their movement. Other than that all you need is a smile and a water bottle. We will provide everything else.